3 Drives To See Amazing Fall Colors in Bozeman

fall colors in Bozeman Montana The changing color of leaves is one of the best things about fall in Bozeman. In the mountains, you often see a splash of color mixed in with the evergreens and hillsides, or the deep red of the bushes along streams and riverbeds. There are a lot of great places to take in the fall colors, but we've picked out a few for you to hop in your car and go see. Check out these 3 drives to see spectacular fall colors in Bozeman. 

Bridger Canyon

It doesn't matter how many years you've lived here, or how many times you make that trip up to Bridger Bowl, the view of the Bridger Mountain Range from Highway 86 is impressive. In the fall, the colors pop out from the dark evergreen forests, leaving you in awe. Take an afternoon and drive out Bridger Canyon Road (Montana Highway 86) to where it connects with Highway 89 near Wilsaw. Make the a loop by heading south on Highway 89 to Clyde Park and connect back to Bridger Canyon Road by taking Bracket Creek Road east out of Clyde Park. You will get great views of the Bridger and the Crazy Mountain Ranges. If you are lucky, you may even encounter some deer, elk, or maybe even a moose. 

Springhill Road

On the west side of the Bridgers, Springhill Road parallels the mountains heading north all the way to Reece Creek. One of our favorite drives in the evening is to head north on Springhill Road, then east on Springhill Community. Take Walker Road south, all the way back to Sypes Canyon Road and back to Springhill Road. In the fall you may encounter the resident elk herd that meanders around the fields as they fatten up for winter. You will be delighted with amazing westerly views of the sun setting across the Gallatin Valley. This is a picturesque setting that reminds us of what is great about Montana. 

West Yellowstone via Highway 191

The Gallatin Canyon is a special drive anytime of the year, but in fall, it may be at its best. This road can be busy in the summer, with a lot campers headed down to Yellowstone, but in the fall things are a bit quieter and the colors are amazing. The Alder bushes that dot the riverside turn a beautiful red hue and the Aspen trees turn bright yellow. As you get past the turnoff for Big Sky, the canyon opens a bit letting you gaze out across the river valley and take in the beautiful scenery. Be on the lookout for big horn sheep, moose and the occasional bear.

It's hard to argue with these drives in the fall. Montana scenery is beautiful and the fall colors seem to take these drives to the next level. We encourage you to take your time, don't be in a hurry and enjoy the views. The fall foliage won't last long and soon enough these roadways will be covered in ice and snow. Take advantage of your time in Bozeman and soak up the fall colors. 

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