Winter Activities in Yellowstone

Yellowstone in wintertime is an awesome, magical place. In exchange for braving the snow and cold, you’ll get the chance to experience abundant wildlife, far fewer crowds, and a pristine and peaceful landscape. Here are a few activities to try if you’re visiting the Park in wintertime. 

Snowshoeing and Skiing

During the snowy months, both groomed and unplowed roads and trails in the Park are open to snowshoers and skiers. If you’re an experienced and confident skier, hitting Yellowstone’s trails in the wintertime can give you an incredible vantage point to see wildlife, hydrothermal features, and the Park’s exquisite beauty. And if you’re new at either sport, don’t count yourself out: companies like Yellowstone Wild offer guided experiences that are suitable for kids and absolute beginners. Click here for information about trails and best practices for skiing through Yellowstone in the winter.  



Wildlife Viewing and Tours

Wildlife viewing in Yellowstone is magical in the wintertime. Although you will probably need to put in a little extra effort to gain access to prime viewing spots, like traveling via snowmobile or in a sturdy, four-wheel-drive vehicle, you’ll have the opportunity to see Bighorn Sheep, bison, coyotes, foxes, wolves and even bald eagles. And if you don’t want to worry about the driving, check out options for guided tours into Yellowstone here.




For an exhilarating winter Park experience, consider planning a snowmobile excursion during your visit. You’ll be blown away by the access, views, and the splendor of the Park without crowds. Although it is possible to bring your own snowmobile (which requires permits and clearance), the easier way to enjoy Yellowstone by snowmobile is to sign up for a guided tour. Click here for a list of authorized snowmobile providers in Yellowstone. 





If riding a snowmobile is too far outside your comfort zone, you can get a similar experience by planning a snowcoach ride. A snowcoach is a specialized vehicle that, you guessed it, is designed to drive over snow, but unlike a snowmobile, it can comfortably carry multiple passengers. This activity is perfect for seniors or people with limited mobility, or anyone who would rather experience the snowy landscape while sitting in a nice, warm vehicle. You’ll get to see Yellowstone’s transformed winter landscape up close and you’ll probably glimpse some incredible wildlife, too.


Old Faithful and Old Faithful Inn/Snow Lodge

You’re in for a unique experience if you get to see the Old Faithful Geyser in winter, especially if there’s snow on the ground. The sparkling landscape offers a dramatic and beautiful contrast to one of Yellowstone’s most famous features, and the lack of crowds this time of year is an added bonus. After delighting your senses, head over to the Old Faithful Inn or the Old Faithful Snow Lodge to sit by a warm and cozy fireplace for a while. 

The quiet beauty of Yellowstone in winter is an experience you don’t want to miss, and Bozeman is the perfect “home base” for any trip to the nation’s first national park. Check out our guide to Yellowstone (in winter or summer) here, and start planning your adventure today!


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