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Live music in Bozeman and Montana is thriving and growing. In recent years, Bozeman has been incredibly lucky to see the addition and restoration of several incredible venues meant for music and performance, including the Elm, Armory Music Hall, and the Rialto. So whether you’re looking for an arena performance, a family-friendly evening, or a night out at a contemporary venue with modern amenities and great drinks, there’s something for you here in Bozeman. Here are some of our most well-loved concert halls. 

The Ellen

One of Bozeman’s most beloved theaters, the Ellen has been a staple of the downtown arts scene since 1919. It continues to be a place where the community gathers for plays, films, concerts and more, and it always feels special to go to the Ellen. 

In 2024’s lineup: International Guitar Night, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Puccini’s “La Boheme” 



The Emerson

Featuring galleries, studios, event spaces and more, the Emerson is truly a hub of arts and culture for Bozemanites of all ages. Inside, the historic, 727 seat Crawford Theatre is a no frills space with a great balcony and state of the art sound technology. Outside and in the summertime, the Emerson Lawn is a popular locale for live music, community events and more. 

In 2024’s lineup: The Beast of Bozeman performance art competition, 2024 Fly Fishing Film Fest and more. 



The Rialto

Housed in one of downtown Bozeman’s most iconic buildings, the Rialto has been operating as a performance space in the same spot since 1924. What used to be a thriving film venue is now a hotspot for musicians, dance parties, comedy and other local events. This gorgeously renovated, multi-purpose venue offers an incredible, intimate concert experience (capacity is about 400) steeped in the history of Bozeman, with an upscale, modern flair. 

In 2024’s lineup: Jaime Wyatt, Late Night Radio, more TBA. 


The Willson Auditorium

The Willson Auditorium is home to the Bozeman Symphony, the Nutcracker, and an ongoing roster of Bozeman School District and other community performances and events. While the venue itself is a little old school and not super comfortable, the performances offered are part of the fabric of the Bozeman community, and well worth attending. 

In 2024’s lineup: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, Bozeman Night Live, Orff’s Carmina Burana


Armory Music Hall

Another recently renovated historic Bozeman building, the Armory Hotel has become a happening place not only for Bozeman visitors, but for locals, too. Like the Emerson, the Armory was designed by famed local architect Fred Willson, and its recent restoration preserves much of the building’s original grandeur. Along with the main hotel, the Armory also boasts several excellent restaurants, a rooftop pool, and the stunning Armory Music Hall, offering VIP balconies, incredible sound, and room for up to 700 concertgoers to sway and vibe. 

In 2024’s lineup: Performances TBA. 



The Elm

Bozeman’s newest concert venue, located in the thriving 7th Avenue midtown district, The ELM, is one of several Montana venues operated by Logjam Presents, which is responsible for bringing many top-notch artists to Montana. This modern, 1,100-capacity facility boasts excellent sight lines from every seat, state-of-the-art acoustics, and the perfect, intimate setting to see some of your favorite mid-level artists. 

In 2024’s lineup: Grace Potter, Cold War Kids, Dropkick Murphys, Neko Case. 


Brick Breeden Fieldhouse at Montana State University

Located on the campus of Montana State University, the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse is Bozeman’s largest concert venue and our only indoor arena, which plays host to tons of MSU games, traveling professional theater companies, and any big time bands or performers that come through the Gallatin Valley. 

In 2024’s lineup: “Mean Girls” the musical, “Annie”


The Filling Station

The Filling Station isn’t just a bar; it’s one of the funkiest, warmest, most reliable small venues for great live tunes in Bozeman. At “the Filler” as it’s known by locals, you may come for the music but you’ll leave with a few new friends and an experience you’ll never forget (even if you might want to). Sound like your kind of vibe?

In 2024’s lineup: Jampoke with Salty Gravy, “No Day But Today” presented by Intermountain Opera


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