COVID-19 in Bozeman, Montana: Summer 2021 Update


Fingers crossed, we're on the home stretch of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's been a long year, and we're all anxious to get back to everyday life and worry-free traveling! While Bozeman is an excellent place to social distance, we still need to work together to mitigate the spread of the virus until vaccinations are available for everyone. It's shaping up to be a big summer with lots of visitors here in Bozeman. Vacations are booking up, and events such as graduation parties and weddings can commence again. So, it's important to be informed about the status of COVID-19 and local regulations as you plan your visit to Bozeman, Montana this summer.


Mask requirements

As of May 14, 2021, Gallatin County, where Bozeman is located, has lifted the mask mandate based on recent guidance from the CDC. People are able to choose whether or not to wear a mask in most settings, while certain businesses and settings like hospitals, nursing homes and on public transport will still require masks to be worn. Statewide, Montana has no mask mandate, though masks, social distancing and good sanitation practices are still recommended throughout the state. For the latest information about Gallatin County's response to COVID-19, visit the Healthy Gallatin website



According to the National Park Service, "Consistent with CDC recommendations, people who are not fully vaccinated (less than 2 weeks past your final dose) must continue to wear masks indoors and in crowded outdoor spaces." Yellowstone National Park is preparing for a busy season, but the staff has had a year to refine their protocol, and they have robust mitigation procedures in place. They are currently working to vaccinate all permanent frontline workers who chose to do so. 


Other Local Regulations

There are currently no business restrictions for capacity or hours. There are no public gathering restrictions at this time. However, it's still recommended to practice social distancing when possible, avoid large crowds, wash your hands and stay home if you're feeling sick. 

The Emergency Rule for Quarantine and Isolation is no long in effect. As always, if you aren't feeling well, it's best not to travel.




Cases in our county

Gallatin County is seeing some improvement in COVID-19, with a reduced number of cases. Currently, vaccinations are readily available to anyone 12 and older. If you fall ill while traveling in Gallatin County, you can find testing information here.

Ultimately, we all need to continue to do our part to Keep BZN Safe. Thank you for doing what you can to protect the health of Bozeman locals and visitors alike.


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