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We get it—fishing the Gallatin Valley can feel a little overwhelming. With winding river miles stretching off into the sunset, a vital and thriving community of anglers, and more rivers than many people know what to do with, it can be an intimidating place to cast. Fortunately, that very community of fish-fiends has put together plentiful resources for any angler, from first-cast to seasoned-pro. Here are a few of our favorite fishing reports from outfitters and outlets alike.


Montana Troutfitters 

Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman gives a direct and to-the-point take on area rivers, covering all the basics and expanding to include the Big Hole, Stillwater, Boulder, and Jefferson Rivers. If the conditions are terrible, you can count on them to let you know. You’ll find fishing conditions, fly pattern suggestions, and links to other resources. 




Fins & Feathers 

This outfitter and fly shop in Bozeman is just five miles west of downtown, but you don’t need to pay them a visit to access their fishing reports. They write them for the Gallatin, Upper Madison, Lower Madison, Yellowstone River, Spring Creeks, Missouri River, Yellowstone, and the Bighorn River. The reports are published every few days, with current conditions and helpful tips on what flies to try. 


Outside Bozeman

The magazine staff at Outside Bozeman are more than just great journalists and outdoor-lovers. They also know their way around a river. Check-in at their website to see articles about the area informative pieces on outdoor recreation and spot the river flows prominently placed on the sidebar. 


Montana Angler 

Montana Angler hits the high points with the major rivers, and then offers up insight on Ruby River and Montana’s lakes as well. They break it down into a color-coded rating, from poor to very good, so that you can get a river recommendation at a glance. But if you want all the details, they have that too. Beyond current conditions, they estimate what the coming month holds, based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of local waters.




The River’s Edge

If you’re looking for a few sentences to give you a sense of what you can expect when you hit the river, the no-frills report from The River’s Edge will get you there. You can also sign up for emailed reports, so their quick and straightforward fishing advice will make it straight to your inbox. 


Montana Angling Co

This guide company out of Bozeman consolidates their fishing reports for all the rivers into one document that’s easy to scan, and they give an overview of the region at the top, too. So you can get an idea for the broader conditions at a glance. 


Gallatin River Guides 

The folks at Gallatin River Guides are pros, and their fishing report reflects that. You can get in-depth recommendations on what flies to try, and they link to local weather stations, as well as articles with safety tips and other resources like their fishing school.

Ready to hit the river? Check out the rest of our blog for more tips on what to do and see when you visit Bozeman. 


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