Getting Around Bozeman Without a Car

In Montana, driving is a way of life. Cities and towns are spread across the vast landscape, and it’s no big deal to drive two, three, or even four hours to visit family or attend an event somewhere else in the state. But if you’re visiting one of the major cities, including Bozeman, it is possible to get around without a car (for the most part), provided you do a little planning and you don’t mind packing for a variety of weather. 

Bike Rentals

If you’re planning to visit in spring, summer, or fall, Bozeman is a very bike-friendly and bike-able city, and a good bike will easily take you pretty much anywhere you need to go. There are several places in downtown Bozeman that offer bike rentals, including Owenhouse Cycling, Roundhouse, and several others. Depending on your needs, you can rent an e-bike, mountain bike, fat bike, or several others. Prices range from $25-$100 a day, or you could simply buy a bike for $25-$50 at a secondhand store and just donate it when you’re done⸺just sayin’!




Streamline Buses

The Streamline is Bozeman’s free bus service, and it keeps getting better every year. The Streamline can pretty much get you to most major destinations in Bozeman as long as you’re willing to walk to the nearest stop and wait a bit. The bus can take you up to Montana State University, downtown, all the way down 7th (one of Bozeman’s up-and-coming business districts and an area where there are several hotels) out to the Gallatin Valley Mall, and even over to Livingston. All buses are wheelchair accessible, and if you’ve decided to supplement your transportation needs by renting a bike (see below), you can bring that on the bus, too! Be sure to check the Streamline website in order to plan your trip: schedules vary seasonally (and there is no service at all on some holidays) and just like with any public transit, services sometimes change due to road construction or other factors.


Rideshare & Taxi Services

While rideshare services like Lyft and Uber are not as ubiquitous in Montana as they would be in a major metro area, they’re definitely far more common than they used to be. Most of the time, it’s as simple to get an affordable ride as it would be anywhere else. Bozeman also does have several taxi/limo services, but those are better for plan-ahead rides, like getting to the airport or transporting a group to an event. Download the apps and do a little research ahead of time to see what’s going to work best for your trip. 




Bird Scooters

Similar to the Citibike program in NYC, Bozeman has Bird Scooters available all around town for riders to grab and scoot to their next destination. Because they do not require docking stations, you have to rely on finding one close by when you need it, but you can secure a scooter by reserving it 30 minutes in advance. To get started with Bird Scooters, download the app and start an account, so you’ll be ready to unlock a scooter when you need it.



As long as you stay in the heart of Bozeman (Main Street or 7th Avenue), it can be relatively easy to walk to many parts of the city, including downtown, midtown, and the university district. Bring some good walking shoes or purchase some at Schnee’s when you get here. Be sure to pack layers because (in case you haven’t heard) Montana weather is notoriously mercurial (no pun intended). You might wake up to a 45-degree morning and be ready for shorts by noon. But walking your way through Bozeman will give you a unique perspective on this vibrant city, and you’ll always have a glimpse of the mountains. 


Most people who come to Bozeman in order to visit Yellowstone or Big Sky regret not booking more time here: don’t make the same mistake! Check out and plan your perfect Montana vacation. 


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