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Hockey season is upon us, and Bozeman has a thriving program! Hockey fans have ample opportunities to enjoy their favorite sport between the Bozeman Ice Dogs, Stingers, and Montana State University Men's and Women's Programs. If you still have yet to go to a hockey game in person, you're in for a treat! Games are entertaining, fast-moving, and can sometimes get physical!

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MSU Bobcat games are quite popular, as are the Stinger, a local amateur team. While not professional, they play a high level of hockey where checking is allowed, and it's pretty exciting to watch!



Ice Skating in Bozeman



Located at the Gallatin Valley Fairgrounds, the original Haynes Pavilion opened in 1999 and has grown ever since. In 2006, the Valley Ice Garden near Four Corners closed, nearly doubling the demand at Haynes. It took some time, but in 2017, The Ice Barn was erected, expanding capacity and now offering two sheets of ice, one of which is full-time.


Still, with the programs' popularity, year-round ice, and the economic advantages of hosting games, hockey in Bozeman is still growing. As fundraising continues for the final renovation, fans can look forward to the finished Gallatin Ice Arena, which will have six full locker rooms, studio space, full concessions, permanent restrooms, a press box, and 1200-1400 seats.



hockey in bozeman

Photo above by Geoff Martel


In recent years, Bozeman has become a hub for hockey tournaments and clinics, and the facilities are also popular with ice skaters and curlers. Montana State University has continuously increased its skill level over the years, particularly under the lead of Coach Dave Weaver, whose son Sam Lafferty was drafted into the NHL and initially played for the Pittsburg Penguins. The MSU program is becoming increasingly competitive as it gains interest from Midwest and East Coast hockey communities.


And while hockey may fly under the radar with so many winter activities in Bozeman, the sport is important to the community, with upwards of 900 adults playing and nearly 500 kids in the youth programs.


If you're visiting Bozeman and want to get in on the action, check the schedule for Adult Puck Lunch, a drop-in game, or "pond hockey" opportunities every winter evening, weather permitting, at Southside Park, Bogert Park, or Beall Park.


You can find upcoming clinics, game schedules, and tickets at



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