Must-Eat Meals in Bozeman!

Every town has its signature foods, the most-talked-about dishes everyone wants to try when visiting. In Bozeman, we’re fortunate to have a vast, diverse, and delicious array of menus. Bozeman has several must-eat meals, from traditional fare like steak and potatoes to creative international cuisines. You may need another trip to get through your bucket list of restaurants!



The Asian fusion menu at Tanoshii is full of fresh, flavorful, and creative dishes. Ramen is their specialty, (we prefer the pork belly) but the chicken and waffles are also worth noting - made with Okonomiyaki-style waffles, crispy fried chicken, and topped with kewpie, maple soy, oko sauce, furikake.



A James Beard semifinalist for best new restaurant in the mountain region, Shan is one of Bozeman’s most sought-after restaurants. We have yet to try anything that isn’t authentic and spectacular, but the Dan Dan Noodles are a real treat. (Plus, the list of specialty ingredients is significant, so this dish is best prepared by someone else!)


Blacksmith Italian

We realize this is a sweeping generalization, but we couldn’t, in good faith, pick just one dish from Blacksmith Italian. Everything on the menu is hand-made, including the ricotta! Chef Cory Dragone uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and you really can’t go wrong with anything you choose.



Pizza from MacKenzie River Pizza, Bozeman, Montana



When it comes to pizza, Bozeman has you covered. You’ll find so many styles, ingredients, and ambiances that you can cater to everyone’s preferences. We suggest Audrey’s Pizza for families (they have a great arcade) or MacKenzie River Pizza, and Bridger Brewing for the more sophisticated palettes (who also appreciate a good beer). If you want to impress someone on date night, the wood-fired pizzas at Blackbird are the way to go.


Backcountry Burger Bar

When it comes to burgers, the meat is all-important. Backcountry Burger uses Montana-raised and processed beef and bison in their burgers and Montana flour in their homemade buns. They have a range of flavors, but our favorite is the original Backcountry Burger with lettuce, onion, tomato, and their special Backcountry sauce.


Feast Raw Bar and Bistro

We realize seafood in Montana sounds a little out of character, but Feast does an exceptional job. The fish is always fresh and sustainable and rotates depending on the season. The daily ceviche is marinated in citrus and spices and served with fried wontons. The Catch of the Day comes with jasmine sticky rice, coconut sauce, mango salsa, and seasonal vegetables.


Hop Lounge

Hop Lounge does two things, and they do them well: fire-roasted rotisserie chicken and beer. The chicken is delicious, and so are the homemade sauce options. You’ll likely enjoy everything on the menu, but if you’re a nacho fan, the chicken nachos are one of a kind with made-to-order tortilla chips, chicken, jalapenos, bacon, a blend of four cheeses, and your choice of sauce.



Turkey sandwich at Fink's Deli


Fink’s Deli

Everything is delicious at Fink’s, (as the line attests) but if you love a good turkey sandwich, these are the best in town. Roasted turkey, Havarti, sprouts, pickled red onion, and basil aioli on a fresh baguette is mouthwatering.


Land of Magic

Many people feel it wouldn’t be a complete trip to Montana without a good steak dinner, and most people head to Manhattan, Montana, for what is considered one of the best around. Their secret seasoning is the key to the flavorful steaks, and the side dishes are over the top with soup, a choice of salad or shrimp cocktail, and either a baked or twice-baked potato. Top your meal with a scoop of locally made Wilcoxin’s ice cream.


Taco Montes

We won’t pretend these are the most authentic tacos in town (although several Mexican restaurants and food trucks can own that boast.) But the tortillas, salsas, and guacamole are homemade, and the flavor combinations are delightful. For example, tempura battered mahi topped with a habanero golden berry salsa, queso fresco, and pickled red onion does not disappoint! 


In our never-ending quest to keep up with all things new in Bozeman, we have been producing content for years and can't possibly update every blog when new businesses open or existing businesses close. Please reference the publish date and do your own due diligence when making plans.

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