Top Yoga Studios in Bozeman


Yoga has become an important part of many people's lives, and not without reason. The physical, mental and emotional effects are both relaxing and energizing. Fortunately, Bozeman is full of experienced teachers, each bringing their own teaching style. Drop-in yoga classes in Bozeman are available, or if you have an extended stay, look into one of the packages. International teachers frequent the studios to put on workshops, and people come from around the region to attend. Watch the schedules, you might want to plan your vacation around one of these special events.

Studios in Bozeman offer a wide range of classes, so no matter what you are used to practicing, you’ll be able to find a match. Or try something new, you may surprise yourself! Here are a few of our favorite places to practice.


Bend Beyond Yoga

This hot yoga class follows the classic Bikram Method which is suited for all levels ages 12 and up. The class centers around 26 asanas (postures) and 2 pranayamas, (breathing exercises.) Once you have practiced a bit, the Core 40 class goes deeper, adding 14 more asanas from the Ghosh lineage. Check out the specials for travelers.

Mountain Yoga

Mountain yoga’s foundation is in flow yoga, encompassing hatha, restorative, vinyasa and kundalini styles, but you’ll also find tai chi, yin and energy flow, which are sometimes harder to come by. If you have little one’s along, kid’s classes are offered. Mountain Yoga has many teachers and a long schedule so don’t worry about finding the right time.

Yoga Motion

Nancy Ruby’s YogaMotion Academy combines different methods of hatha yoga focusing on mind, body and spirit. Her methods help you to integrate these principles of yoga into your everyday life. A group fitness instructor, personal trainer and neuromuscular therapist, Nancy combines traditional western science with the ancient art of yoga. Workshops and teacher trainings are also offered, so if you’re aspiring to teach, Bozeman is a great town to spend some time learning.

Your Yoga

Your Yoga offers a diverse array of classes regardless of age, flexibility or experience. Using props and modifications, even those starting out will find classes accessible to anyone. Choose from vinyasa, hatha, shanti (gentle yoga,) kundalini, as well as prenatal and classes for moms and babies. Teachers each have a unique experiences and expertise, so read up before selecting your class to find a style most fitting.


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