Bozeman's Best Photo Opportunities

You don't have to go far to find epic photography opportunities in Bozeman. From the spectacular mountain vistas to fun local icons, you'll have fond memories of time spent in our quaint little mountain town. 


The Mural at RSVP

Bozeman mural photo by Stephen M. Keller

North 7th Avenue and Oak Street


One of the remodeled motor inns in Bozeman, RSVP, utilized its back wall for a beautiful wildflower-inspired mural. In addition to the Montana-native flowers (scarlet paintbrushes, lupines, bitterroots, sunflowers, and harebells,) the mural depicts wheat stalks, meadowlarks, bumble bees, a grizzly bear, and a bison. 




Couple enjoying the views at the SKy Shed

Sky Shed Rooftop

The Armory Hotel


The Armory Hotel, an architectural icon, is now a four-star hotel in Bozeman and has the best view in town. Sky Shed Rooftop is a great place to grab a cocktail, an appetizer, and a selfie with the Bridger Mountains in the background. 



Spirit the Bobcat 

Montana State University 


Many students, alums, family, and friends have gathered around the Spirit the Bobcat statue. The Bobcat was selected as MSU's mascot in 1916 for its cunning intelligence, athletic prowess, and independent spirit. You can find the statue in Alumni Plaza, created as a place to instill pride and provide a focal point for spirit on campus. 




Big Mike

Museum of the Rockies 


This magnificent bronze statue in front of the Museum of the Rockies represents a legendary Tyrannosaurus rex—the life-size replica of one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever discovered. 



The College "M"

Bridger Mountain Range


One of Bozeman's most popular hiking trails, the College "M" is a great spot overlooking the entire Gallatin Valley. Stunning mountain backdrops and a lush valley floor are perfect for capturing your time in Bozeman. The trail is close to town, offering two routes, one a gentler incline, and one that takes you straight up! 


Two hikers looking out over Gallatin Valley

Drinking Horse 

Mouth of Bridger Canyon


Drinking Horse Trail, surrounded by land owned by the United States Forest Service and US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), this steep 700-foot elevation gain leads you to views in all directions. It's a short hike, taking you to some fantastic photo opportunities. For small children or those who want a shorter stroll, stop at the orange bridge and enjoy the river. 


There is always more to explore when it comes to Bozeman, check out this listing of places to Play in Bozeman. 


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