Dining in Yellowstone National Park


Photos courtesy Yellowstone National Park Lodges

Yellowstone National Park Lodges is a culinary gem in the heart of nature. Unlike typical National Parks, Yellowstone offers a food scene that rivals major cities. Nestled amidst agricultural towns, the Park is a haven for locally sourced meat and produce. With a commitment to sustainability, 70% of their food and beverage is sourced within 500 miles. This unique blend of ingredients showcases the region's bounty, making every meal a delightful adventure. 

At the heart of Yellowstone National Park Lodges is a commitment to preserving western ranchlands. As part of this mission, they partner with the Western Sustainability Exchange, the driving force behind the Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Program (NGPRGP). This innovative program rewards ranchers for implementing regenerative ranching practices, such as high-intensity, rapid rotational grazing. These practices not only improve soil health but also increase carbon sequestration, making every meal a sustainable choice. 




You can be confident the food during your stay is grown or raised as sustainable as possible, but the real treat is enjoying it. The Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dinner menu features twists on classic dishes such as cassoulet made with Jackalope sausage (pork, rabbit, and antelope), duck confit, and stewed white beans. Enjoy a cocktail from their after-dinner drink menu in their cozy lounge overlooking the lake. 

Mammoth Hotel Dining Room is National Parks' first 4-Star Certified Green Restaurant. Also leaning toward classic dishes, this menu features local meats, including bison carpaccio and a Berkshire Pork Rib Chop. Relax before or after dinner in their newly renovated Map Room Bar, with its signature wood map of the United States, elk grazing out the window, and stone checkerboard tables throughout. 

At the Old Faithful Dining room, local spirits grace the cocktail menu. Their signature dinner buffet is a family favorite and has delicious items such as smoked trout dip, beef brisket, battered walleye, and green beans amandine. Their regular menu includes Idaho Red Trout, prime rib, and pork osso buco. The lodge, including the dining room, is known for its cozy, rustic interior that feels like you are dining in a log cabin. 

Vegetarians will find delicious pasta and tofu dishes with creative plays on flavor. Gluten-free items are available on every menu as well.




Each area of the Park has various dining options, 47 to be exact, from grab-and-go to fast casual lunches, fine dining, delis, and snack shops. Reservations are required at the Old Faithful Inn Dining Room, Lake Yellowstone Hotel Dining Room, and Grant Village Dining Room. Otherwise, most restaurants are first come, first served and have options for every price range. And, of course, the ice cream is plentiful. 

For an experience the whole family will remember, try the Old West Dinner Cookout, where you take a wagon or horseback ride to Pleasant Valley, where cooks serve traditional cowboy grub. (You can find the recipe for their Rose Beans here.)



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