Hiking Triple Tree Trail In Bozeman, Montana

Triple Tree Trail in Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman is known for being an outdoor mecca. Back in the 70’s, people began moving to the area for its mountaineering opportunities that lie in close proximity to town. A great example is Triple Tree Trail, where locals have historically hiked, biked and skied. 

The area offers a spectacular view of the Gallatin Valley and the terrain is challenging enough for aggressive outdoor lovers. However, back then, the trail was steep, hard to maintain and those using it had to cross state land without permission. 

Hence, a partnership between Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT), the State of Montana, Gallatin County and the Triple Tree Ranch Owner’s Association granted the public a permanent easement across public land, and the commitment from GVLT to maintain the trail. Private and public funding provided a 1.5-mile expansion to the trail and made the parking lot bigger; win-win. 

Today, this trail remains a favorite of all ages and skill levels. The hike can be anywhere from one to five and a half miles, and generally takes between a half an hour to two hours depending on your pace. For a casual stroll, the first part is a slight incline, perfect to get a glimpse of the valley, but not too strenuous. From there it starts to get more difficult yet shaded incline. Two stream crossings make it perfect for refreshing thirsty dogs!

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For those seeking a longer hike, the entire trail is your best bet with it being a great workout and the view from the top makes it all worthwhile. The trail then loops back around to the beginning. During the winter months, nordic skiers love this area. 

The grassy meadow, beautiful wildflowers and in the fall, a colorful display of leaves makes this picturesque trail even better!

Accessing the trailhead is simple, turn south off of Kagy Boulevard, the trailhead is located on your left at 4.4 miles.

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