Support the Lands You Love – Conservation License Required to Use Most State Lands

Montana is known for its outstanding recreation and many public lands. It’s why so many people choose to live here and why it has become a popular destination for those seeking to explore the mountains and rivers. We’re proud of our land and deeply respect the opportunity to enjoy them.


With that opportunity comes stewardship. Many of Montana’s fishing access sites and hiking and biking trails are well-maintained. Increased usage has led to increased maintenance costs. To offset those costs, everyone 12 or older must purchase a yearly conservation license to access most state lands. This includes all types of recreation, launching watercraft, hiking, biking, or wildlife viewing. Previously, hunters, anglers, and trappers have been the only population shouldering those costs when they purchased their licenses. The new method ensures that all users share the cost of maintenance.






Areas that require a license include fishing access sites, wildlife management areas, and wildlife habitat protection areas. Montana State Parks do not need a conservation license. Licenses can be purchased online, at any Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks office, or one of the 290 License Providers across the state. You must provide a photo ID and the last four digits of your social security number.


A conservation license costs $8 for residents, youth 12-17 and senior residents $4, and non-residents $10.


We thank you for your cooperation and invite you to enjoy our beautiful state!



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