What You Need to Know About Museums in Bozeman

Museums in Bozeman

One of the enjoyable things to do while you are visiting a new place, is to check out the local museums. Bozeman is a great example. Bozeman is home to a handful of exceptional museums that will entertain and educate you on everything from dinosaurs to local history to computers. So take a walk through time as you explore some of Bozeman's most popular destinations. Here is our breakdown on what you need to know about museums in Bozeman

Dinosaurs and More

Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University is a Smithsonian Affiliate, recognized as one of the world’s finest research and history museums. It’s world renown collection of dinosaur fossils includes a real, fossilized T-Rex skeleton and numerous Triceratops skulls.

The museum brings exhibits from around the world. Permanant regional and American Indian history exhibits round out the museum, including Tinsley House, a living history museum, and a Yellowstone themed kids learning and activity room.

Museum of the Rockies Website


Pieces of the Wild West

Gallatin History Museum, housed in the former jail, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1911, the building held prisoner’s until 1982. At this time, County Commissioners granted the Gallatin Historical Society use of the entire building for a museum.  

Telling the story of Gallatin County heritage, the museum holds permanent exhibits that include: 

  • Native American history
  • A model of old Fort Ellis
  • The infamous Big Horn Gun
  • A Porcelain doll carried on a wagon train in 1864
  • Jail cells
  • Hanging gallows
  • Over 25,000 historic images and a research library

Gallatin History Museum Website




Treasures of Innovation©

American Computer and Robotics Museum is an amazing and eclectic collection of artifacts and history of the information age. Montana Magazine reports, “An eye opener for nine-year-olds to ninety-nine-year-olds, and you’ll find your conversations going back to it again and again.”

You’ll find:

  • A T.rex brain, an at brain and a human brain
  • Sumerian Clay Tablets
  • Edison and Tesla items
  • A watch worn on the moon
  • Original Apple 1 computer signed and donated by Apple co-founder, Stee Wozniak
  • Cyborgs and Robots

American Computer and Robotics Museum Website


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

Children’s Museum of Bozeman engages children with adults to discover and learn the wonders of creating. You’ll find:

  • Hands-on exhibits
  • STEAMlab mentors
  • Activity zones featuring science, construction, nature
  • A self-guided project center
  • Programs, camps and special events for families 

Children's Museum of Bozeman Website


 To see the full list of museums in Bozeman, be sure to check out our Museums page.


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