Places to Work Remotely in Bozeman

Love it or loathe it, remote work has become a part of the culture that is here to stay. And while the tide of remote workers moving to beautiful towns like Bozeman has somewhat slowed, it’s definitely become the norm for our cafes, libraries and community meeting places to be full of just as many regular folks as Montana State University students getting things done during the day. So if you’ve got some computer work to tackle but need a break from your hotel room or couch, here are some quality spaces where you can enjoy a warm atmosphere and maybe a delicious drink or snack while you get those to-dos done⸺so you can hit the trails or slopes. 

Bozeman Public Library

Not just your ordinary, humdrum library, the Bozeman Public Library offers a plethora of cozy and serene spots for reading, writing, and meeting, not to mention an excellent collection of resources to support any type of research or learning you might need to do. Check out the second floor if you want an incredible view of the Bridgers as you work or study. With the completion of its most recent renovation, the library now also has high-tech tools like recording equipment, an embroidery machine, a 3D printer, and advanced creative software available for free to any library patron that completes an easy orientation. 


Beacon Coffee Roasters

Formerly known as International Coffee Traders, this sunny spot on the edge of campus has plenty of tables, couches, and outdoor seating, so you can pick the perfect spot for the task at hand, spread out, get a little messy, and really get things done. 


Montana State University Library

You don’t have to be a student to utilize the library at MSU, but the energy of campus is a nice vibe that might even help you to focus. Hungry? Across the way at the Student Union Building, you’ll find a very good selection of dining options. When you need to clear your head, stroll over to the duck pond where you can relax and watch the many ducks that call campus home.



Wild Joe’s Coffee Spot

Located in downtown Bozeman, Wild Joe’s is a bustling cafe with large tables, comfortable couches and good noshes. It’s perfect for a downtown meeting or afternoon writing session, and one of their ever-changing coffee specials will give you that boost of energy you need to power through. 


Flying C Cafe at the Community Food Co-Op

After a pandemic-induced hiatus that extended a bit longer than the Bozeman community would have liked, the Bozeman Co-op’s Flying C Cafe is finally up and running again. This bright and spacious spot is one of the best places for meeting or working with others or really hunkering down to get into a project or study session. The cafe offers a coffee and juice menu, yummy baked goods, and breakfast fare in the morning; or you can always run downstairs to grab a sandwich, salad, or something from the hot bar to keep you going. During the spring and summer months, working on the deck in the fresh air will help you stay awake. 


Zocalo Coffee House

Zocalo is a cozy spot with an artsy ambiance that features an eclectic variety of comfortable tables and nooks to settle into. Be warned that a few areas of the cafe are pretty close quarters, so they’re not so great for speaking privately (or for working while someone else is having a conversation nearby). Bring your noise-canceling headphones! 



Treeline Coffee Roasters

While Treeline is no longer Bozeman’s newest coffeehouse, it still offers a fresh feel and some very good coffee. Treeline is the place to go when you need to get online, but don’t mind running into everyone you know and their dog (literally) for a friendly hello or a quick chat. Their breakfast burritos are also top-notch. 


Steep Mountain Teahouse

Offering a quirky, friendly vibe and a refreshingly different menu, the teahouse is a welcoming and reliable place to be productive while sipping a super yummy hot drink or bubble tea. Be sure to get there early if you want to snag the couch or one of the cozy chairs. 


The Daily Coffee and Eatery

The Daily is one of Bozeman’s original coffeehouses, and its lone-remaining Oak Street location has a lovely upstairs that’s great for remote work or a small meeting. Plus, it’s right on the way to Bridger Bowl, giving you a little more incentive to finish whatever the heck you’re doing and get to the important stuff: crushing the day on the mountain. 


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