The Best Places for a Hot Drink in Bozeman

Montana may be gorgeous in the spring, summer and fall, but the true season of Montana is winter. And when you’re looking at a week or a month (or several) of sub-zero temperatures, staying warm becomes a full-time job. So if your hat and gloves aren’t cutting it, here are some great places in Bozeman for a hot drink that will warm your bones from the inside out.

Steep Mountain Teahouse

This cozy, welcoming spot at the East end of downtown Bozeman offers some of the most delicious hot drinks around. Choose from an extensive collection of exotic teas from around the world, or try one of their amazing specials: the Roasted Coconut Mate is especially good and the Immortalizer makes a great immune booster during cold season. Best of all, these drinks really are steaming hot! 


The Daily

One of Bozeman’s most iconic and long-running cafes, the Daily has been serving up excellent coffee, tea, baked goods and burritos since 1993. Located in the Cannery District (before it even was the Cannery District), the Daily offers freshly roasted beans and expertly brewed coffee every single day (hence the name) of the week. Grab a hazelnut latte and a classic Daily donut for the perfect chill buster before work! 



Treeline Coffee

Favored by remote workers and creatives, Bozeman’s hippest coffee shop (with several locations) is perfect for getting articles like this done while enjoying some of the best coffee in town. Recent drink specials include a peppermint and vanilla latte called The Starlite and a mocha with sea salt and olive oil. Yum! 


Studio Coffee

With a newly revamped space in the old Daily location on College Street, Studio Coffee has become a go-to spot for students, profs, and people who just know that it’s one of Bozeman’s best spots. Try a latte with one of their house-made syrups or a perfect mocha featuring Front Porch Chocolate.  



Roly Poly Coffee

What started as a traveling coffee stand out of a classic Ford Bronco is now one of Bozeman’s best cafes with a brand new location downtown. These guys don’t do fancy drinks, but they do offer stellar coffee and a great vibe. Warm up with a cortado and a kolache of the week, and you’ll be set for a great day. 



For the Adult Beverage Seeker

And if you’re in search of an adult winter beverage, Bozeman has some excellent options for those, too! Try a spiked hot chocolate from Wildrye Distilling, a “Ray of Sunshine” orange hot toddy from Bozeman Spirits, or a hot mulled apple cider from Lockhorn Cider House. Heck, a shot of whiskey or an Irish coffee will work just fine if you’re just trying to beat back the chill, and for that, any of Bozeman’s excellent bars or cocktail lounges will do. 


Friends, there are many more cozy and wonderful spots in Bozeman to hunker down with a hot beverage and pretend that summer will be here soon. So bundle up and get ready to explore all that Bozeman has to offer: winter, spring, summer, or fall. 


Head to to learn more about our incredible culinary scene, and start planning your visit today!


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