Bozeman Breweries: Ranking the Best IPAs

Ranking the Best IPAs at White Dog Brewing Co in Bozeman Montana

The IPA has become a popular brew among the nation, including the active brewing scene of Bozeman. Don't believe us? There is a day dedicated to this fantastic drink called IPA Day. With over eight local Bozeman breweries, it can be intimidating to find the best place for your specific taste buds - especially for an IPA lover.

For a quick recap of the history of the IPA, or Indian Pale Ale, it is a popular brew among many individuals and breweries - and for good reason! The IPA style has had a history as rich as its flavor which dates back to more than 175 years. There are three main styles of an IPA which include the American-style IPA, English-style IPA and Double or Imperial IPA in addition to sub styles that have become popular over the years and have included Black, Hybrid, Wheat, or Belgian White IPA. For more information detailed information about IPAs, check out IPA 101.

With a basic knowledge of an IPA, it's time to dive into our rankings for the best IPAs from Bozeman breweries.

First Place - Horse Thief IPA

Stats: 5.6% ABV - 63 IBU

Brewed at: Sheriff Henry Plummer's Outlaw Brewing

"It takes some gall to steal a horse, but only a love of hops to drink this beer." The complex blend of hops makes this beer perpetually exciting to drink. The Horse Theif by Outlaw Brewing is a fantastic IPA that each glass gives the gift of flavor and hops. Standing at the top of our list, it is a solid IPA that the area of Bozeman has to offer.


Second Place - Steep Terrain Double IPA

Stats: 8.5% ABV - 95 IBU

Brewed at: Map Brewing Company

There is a reason Steep Terrain Double IPA was awarded the Bronze Medal in 2016 from the North American Brewers Association. This big-bodied Double IPA has a clean, assertive bitterness coupled with a light malty background. Late dry-hop additions make this a deliciously balanced example of the style.


Third Place - Vigilante IPA

Stats: 6.6% ABV - 54 IBU

Brewed at: Bridger Brewing

A beautiful marmalade color with a big citrus aroma. Vigilante IPA from Bridger Brewing has a full mouth-feel with a soft malt backbone. You can expect the finish of the IPA to be crisp and clean.


Fourth Place - Citra

Stats: 5.6% ABV -  52 IBU 

Brewed at: White Dog Brewing

The Citra is extremely drinkable - not too watery but not too overpowering. Like many similar brews, you typically won't get the grapefruit flavor but instead get strong orange and floral notes. This is one of the lightest on the list and is recommended for someone who likes lighter brews and is looking for something new. Overall, the Citra is an undoubtedly refreshing drink.


Fifth Place - The Juice Ipa

Stats: 9.0% ABV - 101 IBU

Brewed at: Madison River Brewing Company

Session IPA from Madison River Brewing Company has really unique characteristics compared to most IPAs. It tends to smell like citrus which you would expect to carry throughout. However, it takes a slight turn with a thick mouthfeel on the front end and finishes with more of a light hop finish.


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