Bozeman Breweries: Ranking the best Wheat Beers


Do you have a craving for a wheat beer but don't know where to find the best in Bozeman? Look no further because we have you covered with our ranking of the best Bozeman breweries.

All wheat beers share several characteristics thanks to using wheat malt. Wheat has more protein than barley, which delivers a thick, long-lasting, head to the beer — giving the iconic image of wheat beer in a glass. In the mouth, the same malt adds a silky texture and bubbly effervescence for a refreshing drink. There are several different wheat beers that have evolved over the years to include the hefeweizen, belgian witbier, dunkelweizen/weizenbock, and the krystall according to Prestige Drinks.

All history aside, here is our ranking for the best Bozeman breweries wheat beers. 

First Place - Two O'clock Wheat

Stats: ABV 5.5% - IBU 14

Brewed at: Bozeman Brewing Company

This Montana version of a classic German wheat beer is unfiltered, with a gentle malt body and a mild yeasty flavor that makes this golden beer refreshing and satisfying. This American style wheat ale is named in honor of our Two O'clock regulars! Our wheat contains 50% malted wheat, German acidulated malt, as well as 50% Montana grown and malted Pale barley.

Second Place - Rubber-legged Raspberry Wheat or Yellow Humpy Hefe

Stats: 6% ABV - 19 IBU (yellow)

Brewed at: Madison River Brewing Company

An American wheat beer made from a blens of malted barley and malted wheat with a touch of raspberries. This popular beer is flavored with pure fruit to impart a subtle raspberry nose, a delicate fruit flavor and a slight pink hue.

This German style, unfiltered wheat beer is a traditional summer favorite.  The Hefeweizen yeast strain imparts unique banana and clove flavors and aromas to the beer, which make it different than any other beer style.

Third Place - Smoked Lion Gratzer

Stats: ABV 4.2% - IBU 8

Brewed at: MAP Brewing Company

This historical style of beer is made with 100% smoked wheat malt, giving it a prominent smoky aroma but a deliciously easy-drinking and light body and flavor. This is a unique beer, and pairs perfect with our "Smoked Perfection" burger.

Fourth Place - Haybag American Hefeweizen

Stats: ABV 5.5% - IBU 25

Brewed at: Philipsburg Brewing Company (Ok, so not brewed in Bozeman, but it is served at a number of eateries around town, like Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill. Sidenote: if you want to go on a brewery day trip away from Bozeman, you can dig for local sapphires, then enjoy some great beers and local atmosphere at the Philipsburg Brewery. We definitely reccommend it.)

Citrusy and dry, this wheat beer uses 40% malted white wheat from Washington to give a mouthful of cereal flavor, all while being incredibly drinkable and thirst-quenching. Cascade and Willamette hops provide grassy citrus flavors and aromas. A dash of spice and calm finish makes this a must try.

Fifth Place - Where Whe'At Apricot Wheat

Stats: ABV 4.8% - IBU 19

Brewed at: Bunkhouse Brewing

This offering is an American style wheat beer, made with Montana wheat and Two-Row barley. Where Whe'at is finished with over 12 pounds of oregon grown apricot purée per barrel, giving it a light and crisp apricot finish. That slice of orange won't be needed for this sweet and hazy treat. 

It's safe to say that if you are in the mood for a refreshing wheat beer to cool down on warm summer days, that Bozeman has got you covered with a number of tasty options to fit your taste. Many of these breweries provide places that are friendly to beer connoisseur as well as families that are looking for a nice night out. Visit one of your favorites soon and get your wheat beer fix on.


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