Lone Peak Tram Update at Big Sky Resort

After many years of planning, construction and anticipation, the Lone Peak Tram is finally open at Big Sky Resort. The state-of-the-art Lone Peak Tram is larger, faster, and ready to give Big Sky enthusiasts a more modern and luxurious trip up to the 11,166-foot summit for years to come. The opening of the tram on Dec. 19, 2023, marked a new era for the long-running resort, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 

“It’s an exciting day. It’s the first days of the next 50-year chapter in Big Sky’s history,” said Big Sky president and COO Taylor Middleton during an opening ceremony.

This awe-inspiring machine replaces the original Lone Peak Tram, built in 1995, and is the first tram built in the United States since the opening of the Jackson Hole tram in 2008. The tram is open to both skiers/snowboarders as well as “scenic riders” who simply want to take in the stunning 360-degree views of the surrounding mountain ranges, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and into three states, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming (yes, you can see into all three from the top!). Here’s what you need to know about the new tram and how to experience it for yourself. 



Tram Facts

Construction on the Lone Peak Tram started in the summer of 2023, and its completion represents an incredible feat of engineering, human collaboration, and effort. The tram car itself was built in Switzerland, while teams from Garaventa and Big Sky got to work on the installation of the tower, rails, and track ropes before its arrival.


The updated Lone Peak Tram:

  • Takes roughly 4 minutes to reach the top of the mountain
  • Can carry up to 75 people, up from 15 on the previous Lone Peak Tram
  • Reaches a speed of about 22 MPH, which is twice as fast as other lifts at the resort
  • The tram tower was constructed from 250,000 pounds of steel and 200 cubic yards of concrete, requiring two cranes, dozens of operators, and hundreds of helicopter trips to complete



How to Ride the Lone Peak Tram

The lower terminal of the tram is located on-mountain, and can be accessed via the Jay Walk run off of Swift Current 6. Anyone who rides the Lone Peak Tram must have ski access and be able to ski a green run, even if they are taking the tram both ways. Riders can indicate which type of ride they are taking by going through the appropriate gate at the lower terminal. The cost to ride the tram ranges from  $10 - $40 per ride and will fluctuate depending on demand and conditions. This new per-ride system lowers the cost barrier to entry to ride the tram and allows for a lower rate for scenic riders.


Although the tram can hold up to 75 people, Big Sky Resort Mountain Operations teams plan to manage skier capacity each day to preserve the ski experience on the peak. Those who want to ride the tram can add Autocharge to their lift ticket or season pass in advance, which allows the per-ride rate to be charged to your credit card on file once you pass through the gate.  For more details about riding the tram and how to set up Tram Autocharge, check out the Lone Peak Tram FAQ here. 


The Future of Big Sky

The Lone Peak Tram is the cornerstone of a 10-year plan to transform Big Sky Resort into a world-class ski destination. The resort’s comprehensive upgrade includes lift replacements, new restaurants, a gondola, and an on-mountain learning center. 

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