Fat Tire Biking In Bozeman

If you remember riding a tricycle during the toddler years or a big ol’ cruiser bike along the boardwalk in summer, you know that a bike with nice, large tires can provide a smooth, stable ride. Enter fat tire biking, which is kind of like the adult version of this same concept. Fat tire biking has been around for a while, but its popularity has surged in recent years, in part because it allows regular riders a fun and safe way to access all kinds of rugged terrain. In Bozeman, fat tire biking can be accomplished all over.

What is a Fat Tire Bike? 

A fat tire bike, or “fat bike” as many enthusiasts call it, is simply a bike that has super wide tires, usually around 4-5 inches. These bikes also have frames that are bigger and wider to accommodate such large tires, making them heavier than a standard mountain bike. Fat tire bikes can be ridden anywhere, but they’re especially good for off-road riding on difficult terrain, including sand, mud, and even ice and snow. 


What are the Benefits of Fat Biking?

In addition to the off-roading benefits, fat tire bikes will give you a great ride no matter what type of surface you’re traveling on. Those huge tires can absorb a lot of impact and also provide excellent grip. Because they feel smooth, steady, and safe, fat bikes can make biking in the mountains or other off-road terrain accessible for even a beginner.




What are the Challenges of Fat Biking? 

As mentioned, fat tire bikes can be bulkier and heavier, making them harder to maneuver in a precise way. They also may not brake as quickly as your average mountain bike. In addition, they require more energy to keep moving, so they may not be the best for an intense ride. 


What are the Best Practices of Fat Biking? 

  • Share the trail and yield to others
  • Don’t go off trail unless it’s explicitly permitted
  • Ride on trails that allow fat tire bikes
  • Wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, especially when biking at night
  • Plan and dress for the weather, and wear layers to accommodate changes in body temperature and/or biking conditions
  • Bike with caution: just because a fat tire bike may feel more stable, you should still practice caution, especially on terrains like ice, snow and sand




Where Can I Buy or Rent a Fat Bike in Bozeman?

Fat bikes can be rented in Bozeman from Owenhouse Cycling for $60 per day.


What Are the Best Trails/Areas for Fat Biking in Bozeman?

There are many fantastic places to try out a fat bike, no matter the season or your ability level. Crosscut is an excellent place to try winter fat biking, with plenty of groomed terrain to explore. Be sure to buy a fat biking pass and check the grooming report before you head out. Trails around Bozeman include Sypes Canyon, Hyalite Trail, and Middle Cottonwood Trail. Or just take a jaunt around Bozeman on the Gallagator Trail. 

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