How to get to Yellowstone National Park from Bozeman, MT

Bozeman sits smack between two entrances to Yellowstone National Park, the north entrance, at Gardiner, MT, and the west entrance in West Yellowstone, MT, making it the perfect area to set up a home base. Either entry is good access for a day trip or an overnight stay, or you could spend a few days looping through the park and ending up back in Bozeman.

Bozeman to West Yellowstone (West Entrance)

US 191 S through Gallatin Canyon, 90.9 miles, 1 h 41 min

If you haven't experienced Gallatin Canyon, get ready to be awed. The majestic rock walls line either side of the road, the river flows directly next to it, and lush meadows pop up along the way. From Bozeman, the road winds along the Gallatin River to the turn-off to Big Sky. If you fish, plan to make some stops along the way. This stretch is also known for whitewater rafting and kayaking. If you don't have time to participate, at least pull over to watch some of the excitement. Travel in the winter can be slower due to inclement weather through the canyon. About halfway to Yellowstone, you'll come to a stoplight at the Big Sky turnoff. (As they say, sometimes it's good to get off the beaten path!) If you continue straight, you'll arrive in West Yellowstone. Stay on the main street, and it will take you right to the entrance. This entrance is closest to Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake.


Gallatin River

US 287 S through Ennis, 125 miles, 2 h 10 min

Though a bit longer, this route to West Yellowstone is just as scenic, but often the roads are better in the winter. Heading out past Four Corners to Norris, you'll drive through rolling hills with mountain backdrops, following the Madison River for a spell. At Norris (we highly recommend the hot springs), turn left to Ennis (a fishing mecca), and continue until you reach US 191 S. Turn right, and you'll end up in West Yellowstone.

Roosevelt Arch, Yellowstone National Park


Bozeman to Gardiner (North Entrance)

I-90 E to Livingston then US-89 S to Gardiner, 77.9 miles, 1 h 18 min

Head over the pass to Livingston (maybe stop for a bite or to peruse the shops) and then through the aptly named Paradise Valley to Gardiner, MT. Here you'll pass through Roosevelt Arch into the Park. Just inside the Park, you'll find Mammoth Hot Springs, and the Lamar Valley, a wolf-watching hotspot.

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If driving isn't your thing, the KARST stage offers charter services.

Speaking of buses, if you would like to tour the park on the Historic Yellow Bus Tour, you can get a unique experience and an insider's tour inside the park seasonally from May to October. 


Getting to Bozeman

These days, getting to Bozeman is easy. With nine major airlines and twenty four direct flights into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, you can be here in no time. 

If you’re driving, be ready to be wowed. The mountain vistas are breathtaking from every direction. And, as always, watch for animals and traffic that comes from watching animals. There are beautiful and amazing sights to see. Be safe on the road!

For more information, check out the Yellowstone National Park road Information.


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